December 07, 2009

The Raveonettes - In and out of control

The point of having a weblog is to bring music to the attention of people. There's a lot more satisfaction for all parties involved to be the only one or one of only a few to recommend a certain band or release. To be the thousandth blog to say something trivial about a record seems mostly pointless, no matter how much I love that record.

When the new Reveonettes album arrived, I played it for the first time and immediately liked it a lot. I didn't consider writing about it though. Then I played it for the tenth time and I loved these songs so much. All over the web there were other sites recommending In and out of control, so I didn't have to. By the time I played this for the hundredth time I realised this is possibly my favourite album of the year. So here you go, I can't resist any longer:

In and out of control is a fabulous pop album, and if you didn't listen to it yet you should.

The Raveonettes website
The Raveonettes myspace

Download (right click, save as)
1. The Raveonettes - Suicide
2. The Raveonettes - Last dance


Colin said...

I've only heard Lust Lust Lust but I really like it when I'm in the mood for that kind of thing. How would you say this new album compares?

Dennis said...

I'd say this one is quite a bit poppier. Catchy tunes all around. Bang! (the opener) is my favourite... listen to that and you'll see what I mean.