January 17, 2010

Northern Portrait - Criminal art lovers

After two rather brilliant EPs (Fallen aristocracy and Napoleon sweetheart) in 2008, this was one of the albums I was looking forward to most in 2009. When I interviewed the band early last year, "sometime in May" was mentioned as the release date. Except, it was delayed. And delayed some more. And then it wasn't 2009 anymore.

But here it is, finally: a first contender for favourite album of 2010. The album almost feels like a golden oldie already: Crazy is on there, and quite some of the other songs have bee available on myspace or the Matinée website over the months. Add to that the overall timeless (but not dated) feel that's part of all of Northern Portrait's repertoire, and it's impossible to not love this album right from the start.

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1. Northern Portrait - New favourite moment
2. Northern Portrait - Crazy

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