March 26, 2010

Not dead yet

I was going through some old singles while cleaning up the office this weekend. Somewhere under a big layer of dust I found this, the 1991 single Not dead yet by the Bad Examples. Oh, nostalgia! Their 1991 debut album Bad is beautiful was probably the first non-mainstream album that I bought, and because of that one of those critical ear-opening moments in my music listening habits.

The Bad Examples vanished from my radar quite quickly (although I see they've released 4 more albums), but after listening to that single again last weekend I realised this is still really lovely indie pop (not indiepop) and I've had Ashes of my heart playing in my head ever since.

Download (Mediafire)
01. The Bad Examples - Not dead yet
02. The Bad Examples - Ashes of my heart

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e6gMan said...
Ralph has been very busy writing/touring with his children's music. As a new father you will appreciate his talent.