February 09, 2011

3 x (not so) new

There's real new, and there's new to me. And then there's new to me, and new enough to me to not have mentioned them here before. Reading back through this blog, I noticed it's been quite a long while since I shared some newer music with you. That's surprising (or lazy, call it what you want), because it's not like there's nothing worth writing about out there!

Looking through this week's playlist on my last.fm page I quickly came up with the following three that surely deserve your attention:

Cuffs (Andrew Churchman from Pants Yell!'s new band)
Chalk and Numbers (indiepop sixties style)
The History of Apple Pie (jingle jangle heartbreak pop)

If you've been living on the moon like me and have not listened to these yet, enjoy!

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L said...

Thanks for the recommendations.