September 04, 2012

Order your 'Candy Twist #3' now!

I printed the first copies of Candy Twist #3 today. I don't have a lot of them yet, but I can send out the first few copies tomorrow.

This issue is 108 pages and features interviews with Allo Darlin', Sea Lions, The Great Leap Forward, Skinny Girl Diet, Martha, Tullycraft, Young Romance, The Wendy Darlings, Sock Puppets, Withered Hand and Mike 'HHBTM' Turner. Also: Indietracks journals by Hobbes Fanclub, Colour Me Wednesday and The Sunbathers, a round table with Sean Price, Kip Berman, Gail O'Hara, Pete Green, Roque Ruiz, Matt Haynes and Mike Turner, articles written by Mark Litten, Pete Bowers, Kofi Smith and me and mini-interviews with Robberie, Miguel Felt Tips, Vom Vorton, MJ Hibbett, Nat Johnson and Gary 'Dufflecoat' Sansom. The first 100 copies will include a lovely art postcard provided by Pete Bowers as an accompanying thing for his article.

Order your copy here

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