February 18, 2008

At the edge

A sixty-something year old lady sits down next to me in the train. She looks friendly enough; I give her a distant smile and continue reading my book. Then she starts chewing gum. So incredibly loudly! SMECK! SMECK! I give her a surprised look, trying to hide my disgust. SMECK SMECK SMECK!! I frown, and shift uneasily in my seat. SMECK-SMECK-SMECK-SMECK! I can't concentrate on reading at all. SMECK!

I just have to run from this scene, so I get up and find a place at the other end of the wagon. I can still hear her in the distance (smeck, smeck), but it's remote enough to block it out. Then two teen boys start playing a computer game which involves a lot of gunfire and annoying noise. BLEEP! BLEEP! BANGBANGBANG! BLIPBLIP! BANG! Fuck me, seriously.

A man walks in with huge headphones playing hip-hop music loudly, and I'm ready to get up, kick his balls out and scream something like "How the FUCK dare you disturb my quiet reading time?!"...

...and I breath out. I keep it all in, close my book and try to flow with the reality of our noisy, disgusting, who-really-cares? world.

I didn't sleep last night.

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