February 17, 2008

Never too late

A mention in a post by Martijn at Think Small reminded me of how I planned on posting about The Luv'd Ones. No one I ever talk to seems to have heard of this all-girl 60s group. It's a shame, because how often do you see a girlgroup from that era with a singer who wrote all their best songs herself?

Well, not often indeed.

Char Vinnedge was a real 60s rarity, writing original songs, designing the artwork and managing the band. Without much succes, I must add, but not for lack of trying, and certainly not for lack of quality.

Label Sundazed collected the complete Luv'd Ones output on one album in 1999. The description of the music on their site describes what to expect quite well: an all-girl, fuzzed-out garage update of the Shangri-Las.

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Luv'd Ones - Dance kid dance
2. The Luv'd Ones - Up down Sue
3. The Luv'd Ones - Stand tall
4. The Luv'd Ones - You'll never know

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