March 29, 2008

I would have

Springtime is a nice time to fall in love. You want to see her all the time, can't wait to hear from her again. You don't know a lot about her yet, but in your fantasies everything is perfect. You imagine a future where you will really get to know her, and imagine how with every minute of being together you'll fall in love a little bit more. You want to keep her to yourself, yet you want to tell everyone how wonderful she is.

This Spring I fell in love with The Never Invited To Parties.

I fear my love will remain unanswered though, because the only information I can find on this Swedish band (Karin, Karin, Alice, Agnes, Joanna and Henrik from Stockholm) is a simple 'R.I.P' on their myspace.

It seems I'm too late.

It could have been so wonderful! Ah well, I'm not really complaining. The memory is sweet enough to keep the smile fixed on my face.

Download (Mediafire)
1. The Never Invited To Parties - Bicycle ride
2. The Never Invited To Parties - Norma Jean


Unknown said...

this news should be delightful for you!

Dennis said...

Yes! I'm a member of the forum, so I saw that. Wonderful!