March 21, 2008

Two worlds

I hardly ever discuss music with colleagues. It's pointless, because if I try to explain what I like they will either shrug or laugh in my face. There's nothing to win, so I don't bother. It's funny (and a bit sad) though how this way my biggest passion is unknown to the people I share most time with. Of all the people at work, I'm probably even the one who talks about music the least.

Still, inevitably every now and then it just happens.

Today, during lunch break:
Dennis: "…just don't think most of the songs in the top 40 are very good."
Ben: "But they must be good. Lots of people like them."
Dennis: "…"
Ben: "If lots of people like them, this means they are good. By definition."
Dennis: "I… Well… You're right."

How do you explain to someone who considers Celine Dion the absolute top of the top that you think she's, well… not that good, without seeming an asshole? If you mention that you prefer indie pop, or, in more understandable terms, 'alternative music', they think you're talking about the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We're talking different truths here. I could try to make him see. I could try to explain the difference between catchy muzak and passionate pop. I could try to make him see that for some people (like you and I) music can be so much more. So much, much more. But why? It's like explaining to a blind and deaf man how much you like a certain movie. He won't hear you, and if he did he would have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I'll safe myself the frustration, and take the easy way out. It's not that important.

Following Ben's logic, here are two of the worst songs ever.

Download (Mediafire)
1. La Buena Vida - Tardes de café
2. Cub - Tell me now


martijn said...

I am rather shy with even mentioning to colleagues about the music I like - and were like that even when I cared much more for music than I do now. Same with friend really; someone who was my best friends for years had, I think, no idea what kind of music I listened too. Until I once burned her some Belle & Sebastian, which she actually liked a lot.

I never really care about people liking music that I don't like. If someone gets happy from listening to Celine Dion, than that's fine with me. But I always hate it when people assume I like music because it is unknown.

Marianthi said...
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Marianthi said...

You two are too soft! :)

I've always been involved in arguments about music with people which I do accept is silly. Still, the other day I had a very pleasant surprise from my new boss who recognised Felt (I was playing them at work) and then asked me whether I liked Biff Bang Pow!! How ace is that?

Having said that everyone at work is constantly on my case for liking 'Hello Kitty music'. Idiots.

I love that La Buena Vida song, Dennis.

Dennis said...

Haha, well, with some people I do like getting into a discussion. Certainly not the people at my work though. It's hopeless.

After trying for years and years I finally sort of got my sister to like a lot nice bands. Hurrah!

I like discussions with people who do share a passion of music, but different kinds of music. Discussions with people who just appreciate music as a background noise... nah.

I AM too soft though, no doubt about that! ;)

martijn said...

It's in the nature of our country, isn't it? The animal in our coat of arms is a weasel - only due to bad copying over the centuries it now looks like a lion.

I never tried sharing my music with family members. My sisters did try to involve the rest of the family in their musical passions and the embarrassing way my dad suddenly pretended to be a Bon Jovi fan, made me stop wanting to try even.

Kippers said...

Of course, people should be able to listen to whatever floats their boat, musically speaking, but really, Celine Dion! Theres no excuse for that. It is depressing how so many millions of people are so easily pleased.