May 19, 2008

I love you too

Do you remember how you used to listen to music pre-Internet? Do you remember how maybe you tried to create the right space and feeling, and then actually surrounded yourself with the music? Not just as a sound, but as an experience?

Well, maybe that's how you still do it. For me, over the years even playing actual CDs has become a rare happening. If I don't download albums, I just rip them to MP3 and then they can start their dust-gathering on my shelves. Since my record player broke a while ago playing vinyl went completely out the window.

But now I suddenly felt an urge to go back.

I re-positioned my speakers. I went through my CD-collection, picking out almost forgotten discs. I bought a new turntable. I dusted off the old favourite LPs and 7-inches. Lying down on my couch, closing my eyes and letting the music in, I smiled.

It's hard to explain what the difference is. Somehow, what I do through my computer, or with my iPod, is listening to music. It's great, no doubt. I love the Internet and all the music that I found through it. But that old feeling, that… bedroom-feeling, it's something else. It's not just listening, it's feeling. It's knowing. It's wonderful.

Never mind me. It's Springtime and I'm in love with the strangest things.



Rocío Flores said...

Hey, I can totally relate to that!


SimpleWords said...

'The strangest things'?
What about girls?

Dennis said...

Yes, girls too. Or rather: my girlfriend!

SimpleWords said...

So you wouldn't need a new one?

Dennis said...

Hello Franziska! No, I'm quite content.