September 11, 2008

Old friends

Bands sometimes disappear from my playlists for months or in some cases even years without any good reason. I just forget about them for a while, and new or other bands take their place. Then suddenly something, anything, can bring them back to my attention.

Earlier this week I was reading an old Nirvana interview in which Courtney Love was mentioned. This reminded me of the indiepop band with the same name, and in that same fraction of a second subconciously this brought my mind back to Lois, Courtney Love's singer. It must have been years. I'll try to not forget her again.

Yesterday I was re-watching the opening sequence of the movie This Is England, in which some footage is shown of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Somewhere in the back of my mind a little voice started humming Charles Windsor. Welcome back McCarthy!

Martijn's post about the All Girl Summer Fun Band more directly brought my attention back to them. While looking forward to the new album it's now first time for a little revival.

Moments like this happen all the time. Like meeting old friends, it brings back memories and a feeling of nostalgia. Some friends stay, some are forgotten once again, but it's always nice to see they're still there.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Lois - Press play and record
2. McCarthy - Charles Windsor
3. All Girl Summer Fun Band - Samantha secret agent


Pete Green said...

Nice post! It's all part of the witchcraft of popmusic, isn't it, remembering half-forgotten stuff?

*plays 'Beat The Dog' by Jesus Couldn't Drum again*

martijn said...

Hee yeah. There's so much half-forgotten stuff out there, it wouldn't be that bad if all the good bands took a two year hiatus. Also, I could catch up with all the things I've missed. Not that I'm suggesting anything of course.

Were you at one of AGSFB's Dutch gigs, Dennis?

Dennis said...

Nope Martijn, it seems I've missed a lot of the good shows in the Netherlands. Somehow I've even missed the Tullycraft show in Volta in Amsterdam, about 100 meters from my home...

Thanks Pete! It's one of the very best things about music: all the hidden pleasures and realising how many good things are floating around in your own subconscious past that way.

martijn said...

They (Tullycraft) played at OCCII, not Volta. Or is this the same venue? Shame you weren't there, it was great fun. (I just found they kept a diary as well.)

Dennis said...

Ah, you're right. Somehow I must have confused the two. I've never been to OCCII I think.

martijn said...

It's an old squat. Not very indiepop really, I just happened to have run into the bloke who runs it at some gig or something and then I forwarded this Tullycraft email about playing in the Netherlands and then, well, they ended up playing there. About a year later I had just gotten an email from Stewart Boyracer, who was looking to play gigs, and that same night I met said bloke at a gig. So they played too. My contribution to the Dutch pop scene is nothing but a series of random happenings.