October 16, 2008

Come back?

Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum climbed the stage for the first time in a long while during the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour. Exciting news?

I've gone through little phases where I got so annoyed with Neutral Milk Hotel. So bombastic! So over-ambitious! And those pretentious nonsense lyrics! But one blink of an eye later I always fell in love again. Always, completely. I can't really explain it, because all the above objections stay true. It's like falling in love with a pretty girl. The kind of girl that's usually not really your type, on top of that out of your league, and you know it. Oh, how you hate all her mannerisms, her affectations... But she's so pretty. So, so pretty. All you can do is sigh and give over.

I'm not sure if I'm hoping for a Neutral Milk Hotel comeback, really. Sometimes a book is closed, every chapter written as it should, end of story. So, exciting news? Not really. But at least it's good to see Jeff feels healthy enough to have some fun with his friends.

Download (Mediafire)
1. Neutral Milk Hotel - Song against sex
2. Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945
3. Neutral Milk Hotel - In the aeroplane over the sea


alex said...

Neutral Milk Hotel will always define the period when I was 18/19 - I'm not sure I want a comeback, nor any more songs. I think what they produced was perfect and shouldn't be tainted by any new work under the same banner!

Dennis said...

I agree. Still it's hard to not secretly wish for more of the same brilliance, right? It's mostly that I fear that will be impossible.

Unknown said...

i'd love to see them play live again... not a comeback but some shows to play the old material. even went so far as to join other fans trying to make it happen: