October 23, 2008

Hello, my name is Kuma

Sometimes of course, indiepop IS kind of twee.

WeePOP!'s latest release is Kuma's Hello, my name is Kuma. Kuma is, apparently, an Alaskan bear who moved to Portland, Oregon about four years ago. There he started making music with Ricky.

Ricky you might know from The Galactic Heroes or The Get-Arounds. Kuma himself hasn't been in a band before.

If you like sweet, fun and intimate guitar popsongs, you can pre-order the EP now.


Download (right click, save as)
1. Kuma - Hello, my name is Kuma
2. Kuma - My litte sister, Haruko

More MP3s on Ricky's blog.


mamutopia said...

Aaww, die moet ik ook hebben!

Dennis said...

Haha, echt WeePOP! fan, hm? En terecht natuurlijk.