October 08, 2008

Interview: The Lorimer Sound

Last month the debut EP by The Lorimer Sound arrived in my mailbox, which I immedeately liked a lot. The only thing I knew about this new treasure I got from the tiny bit of information provided on their myspace: they're based out of Chicago, Illinois, and their names are Christopher, Kristine, Dan and Lisle. That was about it. Now Chris helps us find out a little bit more.

Hello Christopher! When and why did you decide to start making music together?

I had been playing in my friends' bands for a while, but had been making all these demos on the side for a few years. After moving to Chicago in 2007, I decided to see if anyone else would be interested in bringing these songs to life. The 'band' is mostly just me, but I always welcome the help of friends to add to the music.

How did you come to the name The Lorimer Sound? Who, where or what is a Lorimer?

When I first started this project, I had the idea to write songs about growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Lorimer Street is the street where I was born, so that is how I came up with the name. The only song I kept from that batch was Brooklyn bound, but the name stuck!

You describe your music as a mix of indie pop and sixties britpop. How planned out was that sound? Did this develop naturally or consciously?

Well, growing up listening to the Beatles, Monkees, Kinks, et cetera, I always had a soft spot for that style of music. I wasn't really playing that style until a friend played me a Ladybug Transistor album - Once I heard that, my jaw dropped! I said 'Wow, this sound is really great - it's new, but yet old'. That's when I decided to start shaping my songs in that direction.

The Greensheets EP on WeePOP! is your first release. What can we expect next?

I think you can expect another EP within the next year. I already started working on the next batch of songs. If all goes according to plan, the next EP will not be as bright. I want to continue along the lines of Notre chanson en Francais as far as keeping the songs more melodic and not as poppy, but we shall see.

That might be my favourite on this EP, so that's good news! Thanks Chris, and thank you The Lorimer Sound!

The Lorimer Sound myspace

Download (right click, save as)
1. The Lorimer Sound - Brooklyn bound

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