February 09, 2009

New Just Joans EP

In the interview last month Just Joan David already announced it, but now it's actually available for pre-order: the new Just Joans EP Love and other hideous accidents on WeePOP. I know a lot of people kicked themselves for missing the previous EPs, only realising their brilliance after they'd sold out. Don't say I didn't warn you this time. The release date is February 14, but pre-order now!

David, about the EP: "We were thinkin' of calling it 6.9 Love songs, cos it has quite a Magnetic Fieldsy feel. Is all songs of lost love and heartache... but there are a few disco bangers on it too!"

While you're ordering anway, WeePOP!'s also got the new Mexican Kids At Home EP available right now. They're ace too.

The Just Joans myspace

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