September 17, 2009

Tada Tátà

When you're a couple of months late, other blogs have written about a band at the right time, while you just recently fell in love with them… to blog or not to blog?

Well, here I am. Tada Tátà deserve all the attention they can get.

Tada Tátà are two girls from Umeå, norhern Sweden. I'm never very good at accurately describing a sound, but to my ears they sound a bit like a mix between Pianosaurus and early Tilly & the Wall. That's just to give you an idea; obviously you should listen to the songs to appreciate their unique quality.

While summer is slowly fading away, Tada Tátà keep memories of blue skies and warm days alive with their sunny pop songs. Or - the way they put it - they make you feel like "...when you had too many cakes and you feel like you have to barf but... the moment just before that when everything's still tasty, delicious and really really sweet."

The Tada Tátà EP was released earlier this year and is available on Cosy Recordings.

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1. Tada Tátà - Hit the wall

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